Timothy J. Kent
Historical Author, Paddler, and Reenactor






Fox collected spruce root
Harvesting jack pine roots for stitching birchbark.

Hawk making birchbark canoes
Hawk fashions a miniature birchbark canoe, beside three one-piece dishes of folded bark.

Bone dice game
Each player earns dried beans by casting five bone dice.

Sunning Otter making a drying rack
Otter tends a food-drying rack of lashed saplings.

Eating with mussel shells
Dining with mussel shell spoons from dishes of birchbark and turtle shell.

Hawk fashioning a walking stick
Hawk fashions a walking stick from a sapling encircled by a vine.

Moosehide knife sheath
Otter stitches a moosehide knife sheath with a deer ulna bone awl and sinew thread.

Molding gun balls
Eagle molding lead balls for the wheellock pistol.

Fox forms thread out of sinew
Hawk twists connected strands of sinew to form a thread. Six completed threads lie drying across his upper legging.

Trimming cattail stalks
Trimming cattail stalks and roots with a serrated bone knife on an overturned wooden bowl.

Shelling with a mortar and pestle
Hawk shells hazelnuts with a stone mortar and pestle.

Fox playing a native flute along the Tahquamenon River
Flute songs of The People float out over the Tahquamenon.

Native musical instruments
Two native flutes, a shorter French flageolet, and a brass jew's harp.

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