Timothy J. Kent
Historical Author, Paddler, and Reenactor






Book Reviews

"I have no complaints about it; it's just fine. You've made it all fit together beautifully. I give you my total approval, 110 percent!"
Adolph Herseth

"Good writing and interesting story. Great job!"
Rudy Nashan, trumpet, Chicago Symphony

"It was a terrific read, and I am amazed at how much you remember. You were so wise to write down all the things you learned at each lesson with Bud, and I admire your dedication to your studies--driving so far for lessons, etc. This book should be a great encouragement to all students, young and old, no matter what instrument they play. Congratulations on putting it all down!"
Norman Schweikert, horn, Chicago Symphony

"It is a fine tribute to Bud, who will always be the Master in my mind, and also to you for such a detailed description of him and your research. It is a story of both your and Bud's lives, devoted to a legacy of service and courage. I am delighted to have been a colleague of both of you. Your book tells of lives of complete fullness, and of peace. Thanks for the memories!"
Edward Kleinhammer, bass trombome, Chicago Symphony

"It is a wonderful living history and an important documentation of the actual workings of a great musician and a great orchestra."
Michael Mulcahy, trombone, Chicago Symphony

"Bud was the soul of the orchestra, an inspiration not only to the players but also to my husband and of course to me. I shall treasure this book. Thank you for writing it. This is an enormous contribution to the world of music."
Lady Valerie Solti, widow of Sir Georg Solti, CSO Music Director

"The book is splendid. I realize the completeness of your reporting and the extraordinary cataloguing of Bud's and your careers, and also the important value to players coming up. I wish I had had something like this available in the percussion world."
Gordon Peters, principal percussionist, Chicago Symphony

"I have been reading your recent publication about Bud. You have done the brass world a great, great service. The principles and information are important for brass players to hear."
Steven Hendrickson, principal trumpet, National Symphony

"All is fascinating. You have done a great deed in spreading the gospel of a fantastic man and artist."

"Thanks for sharing your impression with the trumpet community--we appreciate it."

"Thank you for your efforts to record some of Mr. Herseth's mastery for the rest of us."

"In one book, you have given back more to students and lovers of fine music than most people."