Timothy J. Kent
Historical Author, Paddler, and Reenactor






Within the Sphere of the Master
My Recollections as a Student and Long Time Colleague of Adolph Herseth, Trumpeter Supreme of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Timothy J. Kent
ISBN: 0-9657230-5-4

Growing up in the north woods of Michigan, Tim Kent was not introduced to symphonic music until the age of eighteen, when he entered the University of Michigan School of Music. At that point, he had received eight years of solid training in the fundamentals of trumpet playing from his father at home. After four months of trumpet lessons from Clifford Lillya at the University, when Tim was still an absolute novice in symphonic music, he began his many years of training with Adolph "Bud" Herseth. This period of intensive instruction from the master spanned Tim's remaining college years, his two-year stint in the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, two years of playing in Germany, and nearly four years of free-lancing in Chicago. During the latter period, Tim played long-running shows and musicals, recorded sound tracks for films and television and radio commercials, and continued to hone his symphonic skills. Then, shortly before his thirtieth birthday, he was chosen by nationwide auditions to join the trumpet section of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, where he spent the next eighteen years as a colleague of Bud Herseth. Thus, he is probably the only trumpet player who was taught and transformed by the master from an absolute greenhorn in symphonic music into a high-level performer over a very extended, long-term period. In addition, he worked closely with Bud on a daily basis as a colleague in his section for nearly two decades. These two experiences have given Tim a unique double perspective on the artistry of Adolph Herseth, as well as a deep insider's view of the entire brass section of the Chicago Symphony and its inner workings.

For more than a half-century, Adolph "Bud" Herseth has been a living legend in the music world. Having served as the principal trumpet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for fifty-three years, he is acknowledged as the greatest symphonic trumpet player of all time. In fact, he is generally regarded as the very finest orchestral player among all brass instrumentalists who have ever practiced the art. Under his leadership and guidance, the entire brass section of the Chicago Symphony became the most distinguished in the world.

This book presents a comprehensive memoir of the musical life of Timothy Kent, one of Adolph Herseth's finest students. It includes a detailed description of the many years of training which Tim received from Bud (providing an extensive discussion of the master's musical concepts and teaching methods), as well as an account of Tim's professional career that followed, including eighteen years as a member of the Chicago Symphony trumpet section. His account is truly an insider's perspective on the musical life of Bud Herseth and the phenomenal brass section which he led. It will be of great interest to professional and avocational musicians, teachers, audiophiles, and music enthusiasts everywhere.

This hardcover volume, containing 260 pages, is illustrated with 33 photographs and drawings.

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