Timothy J. Kent
Historical Author, Paddler, and Reenactor









Preliminary Year. Ben guiding Tim on the first portage between Lac Quatre and Lac Hudson in the B.W.C.A.W.

Preliminary Year. Three tired paddlers arriving at our campsite on Lac Insula in the B.W.C.A.W.

Voyage One. Kevin and Ben at ages seven and five, just after each boy had earned his voyageur sash on the Mattawa River.

Voyage Two. The boys relishing a windbound day on Georgian Bay, enjoying the opportunity to sleep in, relax, and heal.

Voyage Three. During a break on the Ottawa River, Doree demonstrating our homemade sailing rig.

Voyage Five. Taking a lunch break at the outlet of Petit Lac de Rocher du Couteau in the B.W.C.A.W.

Voyage Five. Tim dragging the empty canoe up the second Petits Rapids de Rocher du Couteau, shunning the portage.

Voyage Five. Kevin, 77 pounds, portaging our 69 pound Canadienne, near the western end of the Grand Portage.

Voyage Six. Ben receiving a lesson in the duties of the gouvernail, on Lac La Croix in the B.W.C.A.W.

Voyage Six. Father and sons planning the next leg of the route, on Lac Croche in the B.W.C.A.W.

Voyage Six. Doree whipping up a delicious feast at our campsite on Lac de Bois Blanc in the B.W.C.A.W.

Voyage Ten. Tim and Ben in trouble, immediately after they had capsized at the Sault de l'Île on the Churchill River.

Voyage Ten. Traveling in absolute serenity down Lac de Baril after the wild capsize on the Churchill River.

Voyage Eleven. Doree paddling in the rain near dusk on Lac Primeau of the Churchill River, as Ben and Toby nap.

Voyage Twelve. Arriving jubilantly at Ft. Chipewyan on Lac Athabasca, the northwestern terminus of the mainline route.

Voyage Fourteen. Taking a 5 A.M. break at sunrise, after two hours of beautiful starlit paddling on Lac Winnipeg.

Fig. 5, Second Voyage: La Vase River, Lake Nipissing, French River, and Georgian Bay

Fig. 8, Fifth Voyage: Eastern Minnesota-Ontario Boundary Waters

Fig. 9, Sixth Voyage: Western Minnesota-Ontario Boundary Waters

Fig. 13, Tenth Voyage: Lower Churchill River, Upper Sturgeon Weir River, and Amisk Lake

Fig. 15, Twelfth Voyage: Clearwater River, Athabasca River, and Lake Athabasca

Fig. 16, Thirteenth Voyage: Lake Huron